Update + Review Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

 (Warning long post!)

Hi guys!
It's been too long hasn't it :( I'm so sorry and yes I did miss blogging a whole lot. So, as I have mentioned in my previous post, the reason I stopped blogging for the past month was because my laptop actually died. Also, another reason why I haven't been posting is because I haven't been out to take photos of my OOTD. This is because, once again.. I have been breaking out BADLY.... This is a real personal matter to me, but my readers are my friends so I should share with you guys, what has been happening in my life. Once again, I am struggling with acne, and it sucks! It took a major hit in my confidence. I had to quit my job, that I loved and enjoyed doing and I also stopped going outside to meet my friends, because I had no confidence to even step out of my house.. Yeah it has made a big impact in my life.. You might think I'm pretty pathetic but.. I wouldn't be able to deal with the questions or the constant staring. :/ 

So, it all happened a month ago. I went to the doctors and asked for some medication to help my pimples, however at the time I wasn't breaking out or anything I just wanted to prevent and stop it.. The medication I took was a huge mistake because I started breaking out a lot. At the beginning, I thought that it was normal as I thought it would get worse at first before it gets better, but after two weeks, it just got totally out of hand, so I just stopped taking the medication and went back to the doctors, and all he said was 'This medication is probably not for you..' wtf? -_-; I got pretty angry, so he put me on another medication as well as a cream. So far, the medication has been drying out my skin a whole lot, I could say it's slowly getting better compared to one month ago. I can step out of the house, but not as often as I would like too and I do catch up with some friends now and then. At home I have also been doing a D.I.Y face scrub that works wonders for my skin, it helped flat out some of the pimples! My next post will definitely be showing you guys the steps for this face scrub(Y)!!

As I have mentioned before, my face has been getting really dry and flaky from the medicine, so I purchased the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream for dry, sensitive skin over a week ago and wow, this cream is greeeeeeeat! Like seriously.

It comes in a huge tub, 550g, which would last forever! Every night, I apply the pimple cream that my doctor prescribed and wait until it dries on my skin, after that I apply a small amount of the moisturising cream all over my face. The next morning all my flakiness is gone! It really hydrates and relieves my dry skin. I really do recommend this for anyone with dry and sensitive skin like me!
However, I wouldn't wear this under makeup as it might feel too heavy or too much. So I only recommend wearing this at night.  Well my personal experience lol.

The description states- A formulation of emollients and humectants bind water to the skin, softening whilst preventing moisture loss.
- Lanolin, paraben and fragrance free 

- Non - comedogenic (won't block pores)
- For facial and full body use
- Helps to relieve baby's dry skin.

So yup! This is probably one of the best moisturising creams I have ever tried and I love it because it really hydrates my skin, won't clog my pores and most importantly my skin isn't flaky anymore!

So, yup, that's about it on my update. I hope everyone is well, and hopefully I will buy a new laptop soon because I get soooo bored at home lol, and also I will start blogging constantly again too! 

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Lot's of Love!
Mai Nguyen