50 facts about me TAG.

As the title says, I'll be doing my take on the 50 facts about me. K go. 

1. My full name is Mai Ngoc Nguyen.
2. I am eighteen years old.
3. I was born on the 18th of January, which makes me a Capricorn.
4. I am full Vietnamese.
5. I have been living in Australia, Adelaide my whole life.
6. I have two older brothers.
7. I am a dog person. Love dogs!
8. I can't eat dairy, however I can eat chocolate and ice cream.
9. I hate cold weather and rain.
10. I am a very sensitive person, which means I am a cry baby :( 
11. My favourite colour is pretty much anything pastel.
12. In 2012, I finished High school, and in this up coming July, I am moving to Brisbane for 6 months to study to become a flight attendant.
13. When I was in high school, I had a habit of cutting my split ends during class. 
14. I have a phobia of going to the toilet on planes.
15. I want to travel the world.
16. I'm terrible at maths!
17. I suck at eating anything spicy.

18. I reallllly want to visit Japan and go to Disneyland!
19. I can watch my favourite movies over and over and over again.

20. My favourite TV Show is How I met your mother.
21. It is rare to see me wearing jeans.
22. I am a very athletic person.
23. I am also a very lazy person.
24. I am a good listener however bad at giving advice. 
25. I love to listen to RnB and Hip Hop.
26. Sucker for Romantic Guys.
27. I love hello kitty!

28. I studied Japanese for 5 years however I still suck at it.
29. When I was 16 years old, I loved to collect stuffed toys/teddies. I had over fifty stuffed toys in my bedroom.
30. I use to play touch rugby for 3 years, I was in an all girls rugby team called 'The Eels'.
31. I really get annoyed when people constantly poke me haha.
32. I have never smoked, or got drunk.
33. I haven't drank soft drinks in about 2 years.
34. I have only traveled overseas to Vietnam and Thailand.
35. I am super stubborn.
36. I can be very hot tempered.
37. When I was 7 I had to get stitches on my forehead because a statue fell on my head.
38. I'm very bad at lying, I can't keep a straight face and have an urge to laugh.
39. In High School I use to dye my hair different colours and cut my top layers super short and thin out my hair like crazy.. omg haha

Here is a very good example of my hair back in 2009. OMG *dying

40. If I had some kind of plan to go out with friends or run some errands while it's raining, I normally cancel my plans haha I HATE THE RAIN. 
41. I love going on cruises, or long drives.
42. I am a weak person so I get sick easily.
43. I am very close with my middle brother however super distant with my eldest brother.
44. In my spare time, I like to read blogs, watch videos on YouTube, go out to eat with my boyfriend or girlfriends and just relax. 
45. Currently, I'm working at a nail and beauty shop, however I am only doing beauty.
46. I lovee lollies, especially strawberry sour straps or raspberry licorice.
47. I can eat Japanese Food all day every day.
48. My boyfriend and I are complete opposites in nearly everything. (Opposites attract hehe)
49. My favourite game is POKEMON.
50. I can eat anything I want as much as I want and not gain weight.

I hope you learnt a bit more about me and I really hope you guys do this tag too! I would love love love to read it! 

Much Love,
Mai xox


  1. Surprisingly this didn't seem to as long as I thought it would to read :) great post! I love reading these facts about bloggers~

    I also cannot eat spicy food and for some reason 37 made be laugh even though the situation is not at all funny. Maybe it was the way that you worded it - I hope everything is healed and hopefully there is no scar and if there was, you're not bothered too much by it :)

    My boyfriend and I are also almost opposite in many things! I think I've grown to some of his ways and he's grown to some of my ways. I'm a Virgo and he's a Pisces for it's def opposite on the signs as well haha.

    And ofcourse 50. Almost every girl's dream, lucky you!

    1. Yup! I agree, it doesn't take long to read, however it took a while for me to think of 50 facts haha :)

      LOL, yeah I do have a scar but it's right up the top of my forehead so my fringe covers it up hehe~

      My boyfriend and I are complete opposite of everything! No joke, to food, drinks, fashion etc. It's so strange :)

  2. Bet it did! 50 is alot :) I also have a scar from a tennis racket but my eye brows covers it pretty well :P We were like that too but I think he's migrated over to my fashion department though, so many differences it's weird but I think that's a big hidden factor of how we are doing so well hehe :D

    Btw I would love to be your penal! Let's email each other's information so we can get it started! (excitement~) jenniviviansun@gmail.com :)

  3. HAHAH! Awww like you said before, even though its not suppose to be funny at all, you made me laugh haha!
    Yay :) I emailed you ! I'm so excited ^^