Things I've recently purchased online

Even with my recent experience with online shopping with Sammy dress, I am still continuing to purchase some items online haha! Such a loser I am, so I'm just sharing with you guys the things I recently purchased. 

Oh and I will leave the link of the purchases I made :). I'm not saying that you guys have to buy it or anything, but whenever I see something I like on another bloggers page, I am grateful whenever they leave a link down below, so that I can go ahead and check it out or even purchase it too ^^.

I'll start with the purchase I made on Yesstyle.
Just to let you know I bought 3 similar dresses however in a different design and colour! I really love these type of dresses and since its Autumn, I thought it would be great to wear them in this type of weather.

(Go ahead and click on the images to see it more clearly and larger.)
Peter Pan A line Dress, $30.40
Peter Pan Collar Dress, $30.40
Sequin Lace Knit Dress, $25.20
These dresses are one size, which means it fits all.

The last thing I bought from their website is this knit beanie. I saw the cute cat ears and it screamed my name haha. I'm a sucker for hats with ears, so adorable!

Ear Accent Knit Beanie, $10.80

The next items I bought is a beauty and skin product from Sasa.

Missha BB Cream, $22.80

I have read such good  reviews on this BB cream and I wanted to try it out myself. I read that it is a build-able full coverage BB cream that feels light on your skin and best thing is, it has SPF42, which benefits the skin as well (Y).

Cyber Colors Blotting Paper, 160 pieces for $3.10

My skin type is combination, which means it does tend to get oily in the T-Zone area, I don't believe Adelaide sells blotting papers so I need to purchase some online. I know what you're thinking ADELAIDE SUCKS HAHA and I agree in some levels.

The last thing I ordered online was from Ebay.

Cat Ear Bowler Hat, $15.98 incl. shipping!

 I ordered this Bowler hat in black. Like I mentioned earlier I am a sucker for hats/beanies with ears :)
Or a sucker for bowler hats in general hehe So I knew I had to purchase this hat!

I hope you guys enjoy this type of post!
And like always, have a good night/day!

Much Love,
Mai xox


  1. The dresses you picked out are so cute! I saw a kitty bowler hat exactly like that at Urban Outfitters last weekend for like 2x the price!

  2. lovely purchases :D that beanie is too adorable. i haven't ordered anything from yesstyle before, scared of bad quality i think =(