REVIEW: Sammy Dress (Don't shop here!!!!!!)

Hey Guys, my package from Sammy Dress finally arrived the other day, so I'm here to do a review on their website. Click here if you want to check out their website.. So, Sammy dress is a online wholesale website based in China. This is my first time ordering from them and seriously, NEVER AGAIN. Normally, before I order and experience something new online, I tend to do a quick research before I start purchasing my goods. However, this time I didn't..  Which I totally REGRET! I had such good experiences with other online websites that I thought I didn't need to do any further research and BOY, was I wrong..

Firstly, lets talk about my package.
I was super excited when the postman came with my order. Once I received it, I attacked it like an animal and ripped the package open. My first impression was.. wth, the quality and item does not resemble the image from the website..? I then noticed that I didn't receive all of my items in the package? I was actually stunned.. As this experience has never happened to me. I started counting all of my items in the package and I only received 9/14 items. WTF? I will show you my order and what I received back.

I hope you can see that clearly, otherwise click the image to see it closer. As you can see these were the 14 items I ordered, and this is what i received back. 

As you can see there are only 9 items!

 It is so ridiculous, that an online website would actually do this!!! It shows that this website is untrustworthy.

Secondly, Shipping took the longest time! from the image above you may see that the grand total of my purchase was $194.73. I paid $77.00 for my express shipping, which was not worth the money. It says my purchases will come in 3-5 business days, however after my purchase was made, I received my package in approximately two weeks time!!! Such nonsense.....

Thirdly, I tried to call up the store countless times and there was no answer, so I had to write them an email to try and resolve this problem! Apparently I would receive a reply back before 24hours and guess what? of course I'm still waiting for their response..!! 

SO, in conclusion this website is awful, it is a scam, and I would not recommend this website to anyone!
And moral of the story, no matter what before you start purchasing any items online, PLEASE do thorough research about the website you are ordering from beforehand!

And don't be dumb like me :( Because I sure have learnt my lesson.. 

Anyway as always, hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Much Love,
Mai xox


  1. Omg that sounds horrible! I can't believe they didn't even ship you some of the items even though you paid so much for shipping.. I hope they reply to you soon!

  2. I know! It's crazy that a online website would actually do that o.o' I was literally shocked! Thankyou! However, I'm still waiting for their response! :'(