Autumn has begun

Autumn is finally kicking in and I hate it already :( It's getting chilli, and its beginning to drizzle, which means Mai stays home and covers herself with blankets. 

Adelaide is known for it's bipolar weather, it gets super hot during the day and then nek minit, it starts pouring down with rain or becomes cold. crazy right? I know..

Today was one of the good Autumn days, so I went out and had dinner at Hot Pot Train with some friends. 

Sometimes, I forget that I'm suppose to be a blogger so I didn't take any photos tonight, which is a bummer :( And plus we were starving, so we dived into our food once we received it ehehe.

Jumper-Valley Girl, Skirt-Overseas, Shoes-Rubi, Boater Hat-Yesstyle
 Adelaide weather doesn't get too cold, compared to other countries, so it was warm enough to wear a skirt. The jumper was a full bargain, I only purchased it for $8.00 from Valley Girl which was a steal, since it is great quality!

Who doesn't love a good bargain!?

Anywho it's off to bed for me, I hope you all are keeping warm!
Okay, I lied, I'm actually going to watch my new addicted Korean drama series called 'Flower Boy Next Door.' So far so good! But details about that later? :)

So, Until next time
Much Love
Mai xox

If you have any recommendations about any dramas worth watching, please let me know ^^ I would love to check them out too! 


  1. love your skater skirt :) followed ur gorgeous blog :)

  2. nice outfit!! you're so beautiful~


  3. Wow, I didn't know that Austrailia had completely different seasons from the US! It's spring over here now :3 Anyways, your outfit is super cute and you're really pretty :D

    1. Yeah! Australia is completely different in comparison to the US, to our weather and expenses :( Australia is 2x more expensive than the US :'(

  4. you look super pretty! love that skirt:)
    brr... i'm waiting for spring now! haha. i live in switzerland:)
    following you now:)

    lots of love xx

    1. Hope spring arrives soon!!
      Followed you back dear X

  5. Love your outfit! x :)

  6. nice outfit!! you're so
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